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Innovasea Hires Erik Vis as Aquaculture Services Lead
(8/2/2023) - UNITED STATES
NaturalShrimp Incorporated Terminates Merger Agreement
(7/31/2023) - UNITED STATES
Andfjord Salmon Reports Successful First Harvest With Strong Results and Exceptional Survival Rate
(7/28/2023) - NORWAY
The Kingfish Company Raises €32M for Completion of Phase 2 and Path to Profitability
(7/26/2023) - NETHERLANDS
Steakholder Foods Signs Multi-Million-Dollar Agreement with GCC Governmental Body to Commercialize its 3D Bio-Printing Technology
(7/24/2023) - ISRAEL
Schmidt Marine Technology Partners Announces Recipients of U$3.5M Global Sustainable Fisheries Initiative
(7/21/2023) - UNITED STATES
Wild Planet Foods Launches Five New Sustainably Caught Seafood Items
(7/19/2023) - UNITED STATES
OceanMind Selects Spire Global Satellite Ship-Tracking Data to Combat Illegal Fishing
(7/17/2023) - UNITED KINGDOM
Analysis of 10 Fish Species Shows Extremely High Nutritional Levels
(7/14/2023) - UNITED STATES
Hill's Pet Nutrition Introduces New Products Featuring MSC-Certified Seafood
(7/12/2023) - UNITED STATES
Fresher, Brighter, Tastier Cod
(7/10/2023) - GREENLAND
Traceability of US Scallops is Having a Ripple Effect Across Other Species
(7/7/2023) - UNITED STATES
McDonald’s China Adds MSC Ecolabel to its Sustainable Seafood Menu
(7/5/2023) - CHINA
Norway Approves Aquaterra® Omega-3 Oil for Use in Aquafeed
(7/3/2023) - UNITED STATES
BLUU Seafood Raises EUR 16 Million in Series A Funding to Bring Cultivated Fish tMarket
(6/30/2023) - GERMANY
Stavis Seafoods Continues its Growth with an Historic Move to New Facilities
(6/28/2023) - UNITED STATES
Bumble Bee Seafoods Debuts a Dozen New Tuna Product SKUs
(6/26/2023) - UNITED STATES
Salmon Evolution Secures Contracts with Artec Aqua and HENT for Phase 2 Expansion
(6/23/2023) - NORWAY
Cognizant and Tidal Collaborate to Help Blue Ocean Economies Accelerate Decarbonization
(6/21/2023) - UNITED STATES
Antarctica Advisors Acts as Investment Banking Advisor to Boston Sword & Tuna in its Sale to Fortune International
(6/19/2023) - UNITED STATES

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