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With One and a Half Million Smolts, Blumar Puyehue Celebrates a Year of Operation

CHILE | Thursday, June 13, 2024
Thanks to the project, Blumar managed to control a very important part of the salmon produ...


Norcod Q1-2024 Financial report
Norway | 07:00 | Q1 2024 Highlights 118 MNOK (USD 11.01 M) in revenues, down 5% from 125 MNOK in Q1-... Full Story
Lucky Union Foods Co., Ltd. (LUF), Brand Kani Family, Expands Product
Thailand | 07:00 | Lucky Union Foods Company Limited (LUF), "Kani Family" brand, producer and distr... Full Story
A modern fish processing plant will be built in the Moscow region for
Russian Federation | 07:00 | The Food Team Company is investing one billion rubles (U$D 11.28M) in the construction of ... Full Story
Skretting Introduces New Feed Formulation Concept
Skretting launches AmiNova, a new feed formulation concept that allows even more precise nutrition, resulting in better utilisation, higher efficiency, and lower nutrient release to the environment.
FDO Showcases Range of Seafood Products at HORECA Oman 2024
Fisheries Development Oman presents a variety of fresh, locally sourced, high-quality seafood products tailored for the hospitality, restaurant, and catering industry at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre.
Atlantic Sapphire Further Reduces Carbon Footprint by Joining Esteemed FPL Solar Together Program
The company has annonced that it will be joining the Florida Power & Light Company SolarTogether Program in an effort to decrease its electric carbon footprint by offsetting 45% of its total energy consumption with solar.
GSA Launches BAP Consumer Websites in French and German
The new sites contain information on the BAP certification program, information about aquaculture, seafood recipes and nutritional information about seafood’s positive effect on health and wellness.
Market situation for Norwegian coldwater prawn
Norway Strong growth for prawn Norway exported 5,138 tonnes of prawn worth NOK 205 million in May The value increased by NOK 93 million, or 82 percent, compared with the same month last year. ...
Northern shrimp in Skagerrak and Kattegat and northern North Sea in the Norwegian Deep - Advice
Denmark ICES released advice on fishing opportunities for Northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in the Skagerrak and Norwegian Deep (ICES divisions 3.a and 4.a East) for the period 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2025. ...
Market situation for Norwegian king crab and snow crab
Worldwide Fall in value and volume for king crab Norway exported 118 tonnes of king crab worth NOK 61 million in May The value fell by NOK 12 million, or 16 percent, compared with the same month las...
A Guarda longliners adapt their online project to the needs of new consumers
Spain • A few days ago, the Official College and the Association of Industrial Engineers of Galicia awarded Orpagu for “the best performance in the industry for its digital twin project in the re...