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South Korea’s ‘sea women’ find ‘more golf balls than sea cucumbers now’

SOUTH KOREA | Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Climate change and environmental pollution have made finding enough sea life to harves...


India records decline in frozen prawn exports to US
India | 06:00 | India recorded a decline in frozen prawn exports to the US to 2,71,831 tonnes from 2,86,90... Full Story
Export│Frozen Atka Mackerel│Vomunes and prices: Japan, Korea and China
United States | 02:20 | Source: FIS by SeaoodMediaGroup | Click to enlarge it  [email protected] Full Story
Export│Yellowfin sole│Volumes and prices: Japan and Korea | 2018-19-20
United States | 02:10 | Source: FIS by SeaoodMediaGroup | Click to enlarge it  [email protected] Full Story
Certified Non-GMO Salmon: a Healthy Alternative
Superior Fresh, an industry-leading aquaponics facility specializing in organic leafy greens and Atlantic salmon, is the first company to offer Certified Non-GMO by A Greener World salmon.
Wild Planet Launches First Truly Ready-To-Eat Tuna Salad Bowls
Wild Planet Foods, a leader in sustainable seafood, pairs high-quality tuna with vegetables, pasta and legumes for a delicious, convenient, satisfying snack or light meal.
The Fish Processing Industry’s Role in a Sustainable Future
It’s no secret that the global population is growing. If current trends continue, by the time we reach 2050, we’ll need to figure out how to feed an extra 2-3 billion people.
Seafood Expo North America Announced Cancellation of Its 2021 Edition
In light of ongoing public health concerns caused by the pandemic, Diversified Communications, organizer of Seafood Expo North America/ Seafood Processing North America, has decided to cancel the event.
US embargo against Mexican shrimp starting in May
Mexico Due to negligence, lack of budget and inexperience in Conapesca and Profepa, as of May the United States will apply an embargo against Mexican shrimp caught in deep waters, which represents income for...
Shrimp exports to the United States accelerate
Mexico Juan Manuel García Caudillo, director of Responsible Fishing and Fair Trade, revealed that at this time the main exporters of wild shrimp to the United States as the Mexican Maritime Supplier (...
SOMU agreement with Freezer shipwners Chambers
Argentina Was signed yesterday the salary update in the basics that takes the salary of the plant manager from 24 thousand to 28,300 pesos to September and 34 thousand pesos from October to March 2022. It reach...
Lawless Seas - Crimes and crimes in the oceans of the five continents
Worldwide During the recent navigation crisis in the Suez Canal due to the traffic jam caused by the Ever Given, some ships decided to take the alternative route that involved circling the African continent to ...