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IN BRIEF - Putin signed a law accelerating the receipt of tax deductions for fishermen

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law allowing for faster receipt of tax deductions for fees for the use of aquatic biological resources.

Changes to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation will make it possible to apply the deduction not a year after the development and processing of aquatic biological resources, but after the extraction or catching of aquatic biological resources and the production of products with high added value from them. At the same time, funds within the established amount of the deduction will be retained in the circulation of fish producers - payers of the collection.

Vladimir Putin and Sergei Mitin

“Companies could receive such a deduction only in the third year after processing the catch. Now this period will be shortened. It will be possible to apply for the deduction based on the results of the extraction and processing of biological resources and apply it when applying for the next permits. The transfer of unused deductions to the next year also continues,” Sergei Mitin, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Agricultural and Food Policy and Environmental Management, commented on the document.

In addition, restrictions on the one-time use of the deduction within 2 years by fee payers are eliminated. And the period for applying the deduction is 2 calendar years, according to the new law.

IN BRIEF - Bluefin tuna from Spanish natural location, new catch coming soon

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The wild bluefin tuna fishery in southwestern Spain, which has a 3,000-year history dating back to ancient Roman times, will soon welcome a new catch.
The large-scale emplacement has already been completed and the first captures could be seen later this month. Tokyo Seafoods Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, president: Ryusei Yamakoshi), a specialized seafood trading company with the largest purchasing share, has been involved in this site for almost 40 years.
To make Japanese consumers more aware of the rare bluefin tuna caught in the Atlantic Ocean, the company plans to actively disseminate information through social networking sites (SNS).
According to Tsuyoshi Sugiura, director of the company's tuna group, Spain's natural bluefin tuna, which is caught in fixed locations on a large scale, is said to have "exceptional natural flavor and color appearance," and is mainly used in Sushi restaurants in Japan. It is said to have strong support not only from consumers but also from some food supermarkets.
Source: The Suisan-Keizai Daily News (translated from original in Japanese)

IN BRIEF - Twins together in the dock

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

STELLENDAM - The sister ships BL 936072 'Madeleine' and BL 937550 'Pax Dei II' together in the dock of Padmos in the Inner Harbor of Stellendam. 

The identical cutters under the French flag were built by main contractor Padmos and put into service at the beginning of 2021 and in the summer of 2022 by the De Boer families from Urk and Wattez from France. The skippers of both vessels are the cousins ??of the same name, Teunis de Boer. The first vessel in this series was also for the T. de Boer & Zonen family: the UK 124, also skippered by Teunis de Boer.

A joint docking was planned for next month, but now the dock occupancy has been exchanged with the UK 224, which is undergoing a major refit including repowering at Padmos.

Last week we steamed again to the French home port of Boulogne. The ships fish almost exclusively in the Channel. Due to the strong wind, the majority of the fleet stayed ashore on Monday.

Source: Visserij Nieuws | Photo: Arjan Buurveld

IN BRIEF - Squid fishing boost for troubled fleet

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

From British and French waters in the Channel, Dutch trawl fishermen follow the squid migration towards the North Sea in the autumn. 

The UK-153 'Lub Senior' caught a fish hold fifty miles west-northwest of IJmuiden in early March. Vismagazine was informed about this new winter fishing.

On Thursday evening, March 7, the UK-153 approaches the fish auction quay in IJmuiden around 10 p.m. The depth of the impressive flyshooter (illustration) suggests a good catch.

The excellent European squid or common squid (Loligo vulgaris) was caught that week barely fifty miles west of IJmuiden. “We have more than 3,400 kilos of squid on board,” says skipper Frits Korf as the first stacked fish boxes are lifted from the fish hold onto the quay.{....]

Source: Vismagazine.nl

Other Media | SalmonBusiness: Veteran leader returns to the helm for Gigante Salmon

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Departing CEO Helge E.W Albertsen will continue to serve as an advisor to the company until 30 June 2024 to ensure a smooth transition.

Land-based salmon producer Gigante Salmon has appointed Kjell Lorentsen as CEO.

Lorentsen was appointed as acting CEO on 19 March 2024, and is now transitioning into the role on a permanent basis, according to a release from the company on Tuesday.

Source: SalmonBusiness l Read the full article here

Other Media | The Fish Site: Japanese scallop industry aims for expansion

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Japanese scallops, known as hotate, are highly accredited for their flavor, size, and quality. Aiming to expand the international market for hotate, the Japan Scallop Export Promotion Association (J-Hotate) will present Japanese scallops at the 2024 Seafood Expo Global event in Barcelona, at the end of April.

According to J-Hotate, the Japanese scallop industry is unique compared to other parts of the world in that the proximity of fishing grounds and ports allows for scallops to be processed and distributed immediately after they are caught.

Source: The Fish Site l Read the full article here

Other Media | SeafoosSource: Persisting inflation woes making 2024 seafood outlook hard to predict

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

"The European economy has left behind it an extremely challenging year, in which a confluence of factors severely tested our resilience"

At the beginning of 2023, economists predicted the U.S. was either in – or would soon be in – a recession, while the E.U. faced similar predictions of slowed growth and high inflation.

Now, a year out, it’s clear that some of those predictions weren’t entirely accurate.

Author: Chris Chase / SeafoodSource l Read the full article here

Other Media | La Voz de Galicia: Four missing in the fourth collision of boats against bridges in three months

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

At the end of January, the Liberian merchant ship En May crashed into a bridge on the Paraná River, in Argentina. At the end of February, a Chinese freighter rammed into another viaduct in Canton (China), partially demolishing it and causing the death of five people when a bus with the driver, a van with three occupants and an electric motorcycle fell into the water. At the end of March, the Singapore-flagged container ship Dali brought down the 2.6 kilometer-long Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore (USA), causing several deaths and vehicles falling into the water.

 Source: La Voz de Galicia l Read the full article here

Other Media | Alimarket: Angulas Aguinaga enters plant-based with some vegetable 'squid'

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Just a year ago at this time, Alimaket reported on the collaboration agreement between the plant-based specialists Grin Grin Foods and Angulas Aguinaga to develop and industrialize a new product in the category of vegetable analogues of fish. Now, with a small delay compared to the initial forecasts, the product arrives on the shelves of modern refrigerated fishmongers of chains such as Carrefour or Alcampo, which represents the official entry of Aguinaga into the world of vegetable alternatives.

These are, specifically, vegan "Sea Rings", analogous to the ones it has already been marketing and which it makes with surimi.

Source: Alimarket l Read the full article here

IN BRIEF - Mitsubishi Foods Invests in Vietnam-based startup Homefarm Holding

Monday, April 22, 2024

Mitsubishi Foods Co., Ltd.  Mitsubishi Foods announced an investment in a new company operating 161 retail stores specializing in imported foods in Vietnam (as of the end of March 2024) and has carried out a capital increase in Homefarm Holding JSC.
"The purpose of our company is to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through the food business, and we are not only strengthening our business foundations that support Japan's food infrastructure, but we are also acquiring new functions and working in new business fields "We are actively promoting open innovation with emerging companies," Mitsubishi Foods said in a statement.
"In particular, given the trend of the domestic market contraction, we have positioned the creation of new demand in foreign markets through the export of Japanese food culture as one of the pillars of our growth strategy. We have been looking for opportunities to expand to Vietnam, considering it a promising market," he added.
Homefarm is a specialty imported food retailer that mainly sells fresh salmon and frozen beef, and related ingredients include condiments such as soy sauce, wasabi and meat sauce, as well as stewed soups and other ingredients that are very popular in Vietnam.

IN BRIEF - New rules for saury catch quota and 10% reduction this year to 225,000 tons

Monday, April 22, 2024

The 8th annual meeting of the North Pacific Fisheries Commission (NPFC) was held for four days from the 15th to the 18th at the Osaka Prefectural International Conference Center.

Regarding the management of saury resources, it was agreed that from this year, for the first time, fishery management rules will be introduced to calculate the total allowable catch (TAC) according to the resource level. However, the TAC calculated from the latest resource levels is subject to fluctuations of up to 10% compared to the previous year, and in 2024 it is set at 225,000 tons, a 10% decrease from the previous year.

The conference was attended by nine member countries and regions, including Japan, Taiwan, China, and Russia. A press conference was held after the meeting.

At last year's annual meeting, the saury TAC stated that for the two years from 2023 to 2024, the amount within the treaty zone (high seas) should be kept at 150,000 tons, and within the exclusive economic zones (EEZ) of Japan and Russia, less than 100,000 tons. [....]

Source: The Suisan-Keizai Daily News (translated from original in Japanese)

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