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FIS has been collecting information on over 135,000 companies in the sector since 1995, showing them categorised by activity, country, species and other aspects in three languages.
In the interest of the Seafood community, please verify that your company and your data are correct. If in your company's listing you encounter information that is out of date, please accept our apologies and inform us immediately so that we can make the necessary changes. Only companies subscribed to FIS will be displayed to the general public, subscribers can view all companies.
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Conservas Artesanas Mª Jesús - Alesan Artesanos S.L.
Phone:+34 948 813 810
Pol. Industrial, Parcela B 7-8 - Ablitas - Spain
Conservas artesanas Mª Jesús was founded in 1985 as a small company that later canned vegetables canned fish also incorporated, becoming the beautiful drawing his most important a...
Conservas Artesanas Rosara, S.L.
Phone:+34 948 69 04 30
Fax:+34 948 69 03 01
Polígono Industrial, Sector 1 , Parcela3 - Andosilla - Spain
This site wants to show our care and huge, with its many families and multiple presentations. Canned Fruits, Canned Vegetables, Ready Meals. suppliers Canned Fruits, Canned Vegetables, Ready Meals. E...
Conservas Bella Berria, S.L.
Phone:+34 942 663 141
Fax:+34 942 663 133
Polig. Ind. Santoña, Nave-13 - Santoña - Spain
In still preserves the traditional Berria Bella-industrial production of semi-preserved anchovies, fitting them in barrels of abundant salt and pressed to get through dehydration and degreasing, the d...
Conservas Benimar, S.L.
Phone:+34 96 220 80 70
Fax:+34 96 220 15 47
Calle de Fusters Nr5, Poligono Industrial El Carrascot - L´Olleria - Spain
Canned Benimar, born in 1996, after a long experience in the food sector. Our philosophy is to bring you the best products from anywhere in the world, and for this, we operate in countries like China...
Conservas Cerqueira, S.A. - Pay Pay
Phone:+34 986 233 500
Fax:+34 986 233 507
C. Tomás A. Alonso, 80 - Apdo. 63 - Vigo - Spain
Year 1890. Born cannery Cerqueira SA, a large family, among other brands Pay Pay, Buenos Dias and Ramona. A high quality raw materials and a careful process guarantee the excellence of the final prod...
Conservas Codesa, S.L.
Phone:+34 942 606 533
Fax:+34 942 604 504
Pol. Ind. La Pesquera, P-4 - Laredo - Spain
CODESA is located on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea in the fishing village of Laredo (Cantabria), an area regarded worldwide as the "Cradle of Anchoa quality. " For many years we are dedi...
Conservas Concepcion Hnos. Ayamonte S.A.
Phone:+34 959 32 05 25
Fax:+34 959 32 01 06
P. Industrial Ayamonte naves E y F - Ayamonte - Spain
Ayamonte company dedicated to the production of preserved fish by using a purely ARTISAN, as has been done for centuries in Andalusia, this process does not use any additives to ensure the best qualit...
Conservas Condor - Zizzo Billante Hnos S.A.
Phone:+34 943 60 31 41
Fax:+34 943 60 44 39
Poligono Industrial Mijoa s/n- P.2-1 - Mutriku - Spain
Canned CONDOR was founded in 1980 by teachers successors canners, originally from Sicily, which decided to implement its factory in Mutriku, along the Bay of Biscay, where the fishing fleet is dedicat...
Conservas Coqueiro, S.A.
Phone:+55 47 348 1455
Fax:+55 47 348 4099
Rua Mauricio Pachuco, 840 - Itajaí - Brazil
Coqueiro is a traditional Brazilian company of fish. Which was founded in 1937, initially working as a kind of cooperative fish. After developing the Brazilian market, consolidating its ...
Conservas Cortizo - Conservera de Rianxo, S.A.
Phone:+34 981 811 876
Fax:+34 981 812 534
Matanza, s/n. - Padrón - Spain
Conservas Cortizo, S.A. began in 1989 when it acquired the assets of a traditional company called Conservera de Rianxo. Thus arose a new company combining the experience of decades working in the sect...
Conservas Costas y Miñan, SL - Mariscadora
Phone:+34 986 500 902
Fax:+34 986 500 991
Lugar de Tragove 140B, Corbillon - Cambados - Spain
Conservas Costa y Miñán, SL is a company specialized in the production of canned fish and shellfish from the Galician Rías. Today, the experience of three generations of canners a...
Conservas Cusumano S.A.
Phone:+34 946 881 650
Fax:+34 946 884 733
Poligono Lamiaran, Parcela 1B - Mundaka - Spain
CONSERVAS CUSUMANO S.A was founded in the 60's of last century by Salvador Cusumano, Italian immigrant who was dedicated to salted anchovies following the old traditions ofof his native Sicily . Over...
Conservas Dani, S.A.U.
Phone:+34 937 540 700
Fax:+34 937 590 200
Polígono Industial “Els Garrofers”, Parcela 32, 35 y 37 - Vilassar de Mar - Spain
Grupo Dani started as a family business that has been able to adapt itself to market trends throughout time. Dani has evolved from being a spices and food preserves representative to produce, manufac...
Conservas Daporta, S.L
Phone:+34 986 520111
Fax:+34 986 520112
Avenida de Castrelo, 88 - Cambados - Spain
Conservas Daporta, S.L., was created in 1940 as a family business. In the beginningwas mainly devoted to canned sardines, tuna and mackerel. The passage of timeand changing consumer tastes, leading ...
Conservas Dardo, S.L.
Phone:+34 986 555 000
Fax:+34 986 561 051
Ctra. Curras, s/n - Caleiro - Vilanova de Arousa - Spain
Manufactures of canned seafood...
Conservas de Cambados, S.A.
Phone:+34 986 745 405
Fax:+34 986 745 507
Lg O Porto Barrantes,Ribadumia - Meaño - Spain
Conservas de Cambados S.A. is located in northwestern Spain, in Galicia. Here is the "Ría de Arousa" famous not only for its size but by the rich marine life in it by encouraging the ...
Conservas de Isla S.cv.
Phone:+34 94 267 9661
Fax:+34 94 430 1173
Barrio de la Maza, 12 - Isla - Spain
Conservas de Pescado Beltrán E.I.R.L.
Phone:+51 992 346 630
Pj. a Nro. 45 Mcdo Productores Santa Anita - Chimbote - Peru
Beltrán is a Peruvian company based in the city of Chimbote, Ancash region, with more than 20 years of experience in the processing of canned fish and dedicated to the care of food and cleaning...
Conservas de Pescado La Pureza, S.L. - Hermanos Docanto
Phone:+34 981 405 004
Rio Grande 2 - Cariño - Spain
In 1994 society was formed Canned Fish Purity, SL, composed of BouzamayorDocanto brothers, sons of Jesus Manuel and grandson of the original founder Mr.Vicente Martinez Docanto (1924) The company con...
Conservas de Pescado Virgen del Carmen
Phone:+34 956 68 40 03
Chanca, 11, - Tarifa - Spain
Virgen del Carmen preserves canned fish makes completely handmade. This is the result of a philosophy and a way of understanding the food industry where quality and excellence that is offered to our c...
Conservas Del Atlántico, S.L.
Phone:+34 986 43 84 29 / 44
Fax:+34 986 22 09 87
C/ Marqués de Valladares, nº 21, 2º - Vigo - Spain
The first canning factory installed by D. Curbera Victor Puig in San Fausto (Chapela-Vigo), in the year 1861, was devoted not only to fish, but also canned fruit, meat and milk. Be among the family bu...
Conservas del Sol, S.L.
Phone:+34 986 267 320
Fax:+34 986 281 953
Calle de Gandarón, 25-1 - Vigo - Spain
Manufactures of canned seafood...
Conservas Dentici, S.L. - OLASAGASTI GROUP
Phone:+34 94 61 662 51
Fax:+34 94 61 665 58
Erdotza Hiribidea, 35, - Markina-Xemein - Spain
Canned fish prepared fresh, by hand following traditional methods. "Delights of the Cantabrian Sea" bonito, tuna, anchovies, Mackerel manufactured in Markina (Bizkaia). The company preserve...
Conservas Don Atun
Phone:+34 986 746 010 /745 050
Fax:+34 986 745 507
Rúa do Porto (Fabrica - Factory) - Ribadumia - Spain
QUALITY ASSURANCE This is our main goal and achievement, achieved with the implementation of the three points above: Experience, Critical Control Points and implementation of the UNE-EN-ISO 9002. The...
Conservas El Capricho, S.L.
Phone:+34 942 67 16 00
Polígono Industrial, nave 50 - Santoña - Spain
At the "El Capricho" (Santoña), we make the anchovy preserves a unique handmade product. Our quality codes are as basic as exceptional, limited production, only the Bay of Biscay anch...
Conservas Elkano, S.A.
Phone:+34 979 79 06 48
Fax:+34 979 79 06 62
Calle La Calzada s/n - Baltanas - Spain
Company with more than 50 years of experience in production and marketing of canned fish (tuna, yellowfin tuna, bonito and anchovy). He combines tradition and dedication to the most stringent quality ...
Conservas Emilia S.L.U.
Phone:+34 942 66 32 32
Fax:+34 942 67 31 74
Poígono industrial "Las Marismas" nave 2 - Santoña - Spain
Canned Emilia is a family business founded in the late 80's, thanks to the enterprising spirit of Ms. Emilia Fuentes Ruiz, a veteran worker canning industry, who knows the secrets of a little girl fro...
Conservas Entreislas - Pesquero Entreislas S.L.
Phone:+34 985 47 86 06
Fax:+34 985 47 87 41
Polígono Industrial Valdepares s/n - Valdepares - Spain
Pesquero Entreislas, S.L. is a company dedicated to the craftsmanship of canned fish and seafood, and stews traditional high quality. The mission of our company is to achieve the union between the he...
Conservas Fontecilla,S.L.
Phone:+34 942 661 390
Fax:+34 942 661 699
Polígono Ind de Santoña, Fase 3, nº 7 - Santoña, - Spain
After several years of learning the craft and art of canning fish, the founders of the company decided to go to sea and gather the necessary funds to start what was then a modest business venture: a s...
Conservas Fredo,S.A.
Phone:+34 942 62 80 88
Fax:+34 942 61 33 45
Poligono Industrial de Laredo - Laredo - Spain
CONSERVAS FREDO was founded by Mr Chiaffredo Nasario who for years had been dedicated to marketing salted anchovy in his native Italy following the family tradition. His entrepreneurial spirit and its...
Conservas Friscos, S.A.
Phone:+34 986 546 160
Fax:+34 981 830 150
Calle del Concello 56 - Outeriño - Catoira - Spain
Conservas Friscos offers selected cans of preserves with the best seafood products made with the maximum guarantee of quality. Our canned seafood products respect traditional fishing gear to bring art...
Conservas Gil Comes, S.L.U. - Grupo Gil Comes
Phone:+34 964 400 640
Fax:+34 964 400 464
Camino Capsades, 40 - Vinaròs - Spain
GIL FRANCISCO COMES, S.L.U. is ranked as one of the leading manufacturers and semi-preserved fish. Founded in 1969 and located in the Castellon town Vinaròs, was active as a producer of WIDE. ...
Conservas Gonsal, S.L.L.
Phone:+34 942 660 099
Fax:+34 942 628 544
C/ Lepanto nº 1 A, Aptdo de Correos 33 - El Astillero - Spain
Conservas Gonsal produced today with proven experience working for thirty years in Santoña. Semi-products anchovy fillets, salted anchovies and anchovies in vinegar, are directed to the trade m...
Conservas ISABEL
Phone:+34 94 617 9000
Fax:+34 94 618 7762
S/N Arketa-Aranburu - - Spain
Isabel is the flagship brand of the group Canned Garavilla. Canned Garavilla SA has a modern fleet currently consists of four tuna boats. Owning its own fleet ensures annual catch of between 35,000 ...
Conservas Isla del Carmen
Phone:+34 985 791 179
Polígono Industrial Espíritu Santo, C/Dinamarca 5 - Oviedo - Spain
Committed to diversity, it opened in 2008 a modern cannery or delicatessenlocated in the Polygon Olloniego Oviedo. The factory operates under&n...
Conservas JJJ - Conservas Juan Jose Jimenez S.L.
Phone:+34 941 14 19 99
Fax:+34 941 14 20 43
Polígono Industrial Martín Grande, s/n - Rincón de Soto - Spain
Conservas Juan José Jiménez is a company focused on the sales of preserves food. This company has more than 50 year of experience in this sector. The overall purpose of the company is...
Conservas Juanjo, S.L.
Phone:+34 942 671 054
O'Donnell, 19 - Santoña - Spain
When Juanjo and Esperanza in 1989 decided to create a small business and professional capacity of anchovy craftsmanship are not adventurers and some newcomers to the sector, but from their youth have ...
Conservas La Gaviota, S.L. - Arroyabe
Phone:+34 94 618 66 67
Fax:+34 94 618 63 44
Pol. Industrial Landabaso Fase 2 - Parcela 9.3 - Bermeo - Spain
Manufacturing company of canned fish. Activity, preserves and salted fish. Arroyabe canned and salted fish products are backed by more than one hundred years ...
Conservas Lago Paganini S.L.
Phone:+34 986 300 118
Fax:+34 986 30 04 14
Muelle de Ojea, 5 - Cangas do Morrazo - Spain
Conservas Lago Paganini specializes in processing and distributing canned sea products. Our specialities are blue fish (sardine, pilchard, mackerel, small mackerel and needlefish) and mussel. Est...
Conservas Leonardo, S.L.
Phone:+34 942 60 80 20
Fax:+34 942 60 80 21
Pol. Ind. La Pesquera, Naves 2 Y 3 - Laredo - Spain
The company, which has its beginnings in a factory rnodesta founded in 1965 by Miguel A. Leonardo Garcia in Laredo, a fishing village by tradition on the coast of the Bay of Biscay. Years pass and ou...
Conservas Lolín S.L.
Phone:+34 942 86 44 40
Fax:+34 942 86 20 44
Barrio Brazomar s/n - Castro Urdiales - Spain
Its founder, Manuel Gutiérrez Elorza, has managed to raise to the top one of the top products of Cantabria, anchovy. The quality and experience are two words closely related to Canned Lol&iacu...
Conservas Mar de Ardora, S.L.
Phone:+34 698 16 79 33
Polígono industrial A Rega Cuiña, parcela 97 - Ortigueira - Spain
Conservas Mar de Ardora is dedicated to the artisan elaboration of ecological products of season, with a limited production and methods of sustainable extraction. This guarantees, in addition to respe...
Conservas Nardin S.L.
Phone:+34 943 861 150
Fax:+34 943 861 598
Hego Kalea, 3 - Zumaia - Spain
Conservas Nardin anchovy scored as the best by a committee formed by the critic Juan Manuel Bellver, experts Luis Pacheco (Gold Gourmet) and Luciano Martín de la Rubia (El Corte Ingles) an...
Conservas Ortiz S.A.
Phone:+34 946 134 313
Fax:+34 946 134 440
Calle Iñaki Deuna 15 - Ondarroa - Spain
Canned Ortiz only work in the traditional way always ensuring the origin and freshness of each fish we produce. For over 100 years and over five generations, we have perfected our techniques to achie...
Conservas Pennisi - Natusur S.A.
Phone:+54 223 480-1420
Irala 4046 - Mar del Plata - Argentina
Con 60 años de vida empresarial, Conservas Pennisi ha logrado innovar sus productos y procesos sumando modernos equipamientos, sistemas de envasado, cámaras frigoríficas y program...
Conservas Portomar, S.L.U.
Phone:+34 986 503 278
Fax:+34 986 503 789
Pol. Ind. del Pousadoiro plot 2-3 - Vilagarcía de Arousa - Spain
Conservas Portomar S.L.U. belongs to the Spanish group “Armadora Pereira”, founded in 1956 and with headquarters in the city of Vigo. The main activity of the group is the fishing and the ...
Conservas Ramirez - Ramirez & Cª (Filhos) S.A. -
Phone:+351 22 999 78 78
Fax:+351 22 999 78 79
Rua Óscar da Silva, 1683, Leça da Palmeira - P.O.Box 2050 - Matosinhos - Portugal
Since 1853 Ramirez has been consolidating a tradition of quality. The "Ramirez" brand has been passed down 5 generations of the family and every day we strive to honour a history that stradd...
Conservas Remo, S.L.
Phone:+34 98 587 05 57
Fax:+34 98 587 05 57
Polígono de la Peñona, Calle de la Mecánica, 302 - Veriña, Gijón - Spain
The manufacturing process of canned Remo, SL begins at auction, where our experts take on the best pieces. On receiving the fish factory is found, first, the quality of the purchase. Next step include...
Conservas Robinson Crusoe
Phone:+56 (65)2494500
Calle Camino A Chinquihue, S/n - Km.6 - Puerto Montt - Chile
Jealsa Rianxeira close the purchase, in 2004, of Robinson Crusoe , the first Chilean producer of canned seafood . Thus, the group chaired by Jesus Alonso Fernández takes a step in the race init...
Conservas Silvia,S.L.
Phone:+34 942 660 308
Fax:+34 942 660 420
Cl.Duque N.15, - Santoña - Spain
At Conservas Silvia we have spent our whole lives making the best anchovies. Our factory is the professional culmination of our founder, José Ramón Barberarena Fuentes. The exquisitenes...

Vietnamese Pangasius Exports to UAE Continue to Grow Significantly
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Salmon Season 2024 Gains Momentum
Russia Fed. By mid-July, fishermen had caught more than 40 thousand tons - the rate of catch increased over the week By July 16, the total catch of Pacific salmon in the Far East exceeded 40 thousand tons. The f...
U.S. Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Fishery Achieves RFM Certification
United States Certified Seafood Collaborative (CSC) is pleased to announce that the U.S. Gulf of Mexico shrimp fishery (white, brown, and pink shrimp) for all five Gulf states and federal waters has achieved R...
Globefish report on the global squid market
Worldwide The following is an excerpt from a report published by Globefish (FAO): Japanese squid supplies fell by about 20 percent in 2023 compared to the previous year, to just 150,000 tonnes. Supplies from a...

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