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FIS has been collecting information on over 135,000 companies in the sector since 1995, showing them categorised by activity, country, species and other aspects in three languages.
In the interest of the Seafood community, please verify that your company and your data are correct. If in your company's listing you encounter information that is out of date, please accept our apologies and inform us immediately so that we can make the necessary changes. Only companies subscribed to FIS will be displayed to the general public, subscribers can view all companies.
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NON-GMO Project Headquarters
Phone:+1 877.358.9240
Fax:+1 866.272.8710
1200 Harris Avenue, Suite #305 - Bellingham - United States
The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit multi-stakeholder collaboration committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices. We be...
Noordelijke Visserij Alliantie | Northern Fisheries Alliance
Havenkade 1 - Den Oever - Netherlands
The Northern Fisheries Alliance stands for constructive consultation, we are firm on the content but soft in the relationship. We keep our course in all weathers: a reliable beacon in the fishing indu...
Noordzee International B.V.
Phone:+31 527 680 700
Fax:+31 527 685 372
Zuidoostrak 16 - Urk - Netherlands
During a period of difficult market conditions in 2001, Lubbert Korf and Jan de Munnik took on the challenge and started a new company: Noordzee International B.V. The company started off well and is ...
Noordzee Urk B.V. - Group Headquarters
Phone:+31 527 680 700
Fax:+31 527 685 372
Zuidoostrak 16 - Urk - Netherlands
Noordzee Urk was founded in 1990. A few fishmongers decided to combine their efforts and together they founded a new company. Noordzee Urk initially produced fish products ready for export on a small ...
Phone:+31 (0)70 31 84 444
Zeestraat 84 - Den Haag - Netherlands
Noordzeeboederij  foundation works on sustainable seaweed cultivation in the North Sea. The board of the foundation consists of Marcel Schuttelaar (Schuttelaar & Partners) and Job Schipp...
NOR Maritime Service AS
Phone:+47 451 99 150
Teknologiveien 11, - Narvik, - Norway
NOR Maritime Service was started in 2017 by founder Mikkel Pedersen after a desire to develop better solutions for ROV operations. Pedersen worked first-hand with ROV operations and robotic net washer...
Nor-Am Cold Storage - Nor-Am Corporate Headquarters
Phone:+1 (712) 546-4489
Fax:+1 (712) 546-5844
1555 Nor-Am Drive - Le Mars - United States
Nor-Am Cold Storage is a full service, public refrigerated warehouse. We keep evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the 3PL market place providing complete temperature-controlled storage, proces...
Nor-Fishing - Exhibition
Phone:+47 73 56 86 40
Fax:+47 73 56 86 41
Klostergata 90 - Trondheim Spektrum - Trondheim - Norway
Since 1960, Nor-Fishing has been an important national and international meeting place for the fisheries industry. Today it is one of the largest fisheries technology exhibitions in the world. In rece...
Nor-Mær AS
Phone:+47 56 30 60 80
Fax:+47 56 30 63 90
Skorvane 55 - Hagavik - Norway
Nor-Mær is Norway's leading supplier of steel fish farming cages. Since Nor-Mær's first cage system was made in 1986, key personnel have acquired 27 years of hands-on experience. While No...
Nor-Sea Foods Ltd.
Phone:+44 1224 703 222
Fax:+44 1224 822 802
Broadfold Road, Bridge of Don - Aberdeen - United Kingdom
Nor-sea Foods Limited was founded in 1974. They are smoked fish specialists and have two production sites that focus their expertise on private label contracts. In Aberdeen we predominately cold smo...
Nor-Shipping Exhibition
Phone:+47 400 01 394
NOVA Spektrum - Oslo - Norway
For more than 50 years, Nor-Shipping has been, activity-filled event that attracts key maritime industry players from across the world. The presence of leading figures from the entire maritime value c...
NORAD - Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation
Phone:+47 23980000
Bygdøy allé 2, - Oslo - Norway
Norad is the Norwegian agency for development cooperation. We work for the world to achieve the UN's sustainability goals. Norad - the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation - is a profession...
Norasia Lines Ltd - CSAV Norasia
Phone:+62 (62) (24) 3518612
Fax:+62 (62) (24) 3518612
Jl MH Thamrin 19 - SEMARANG - Indonesia
CSAV acquired Norasia, allowing it to enter the main East-West trades, while maintaining its focus on its other activities. Since the acquisition, Norasia has grown dramatically, backed by CSAV’...
Norcantabric, S.L.
Parque Empresarial Alto Asón - Riancho - Spain
The Norcantabric firm plans to invest 30 million euros in the first plant in Spain under a Recirculation System in Aquaculture (RAS) for the production of Atlantic salmon. It is waiting for environme...
NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS
Phone:+47 56 10 70 00
University of Bergen, Nygårdsgaten 112 - Bergen - Norway
NORCE is a new and forward-looking research institute, with expertise in a wide range of fields and strong communities of knowledge. We deliver research and innovation in energy, health care, climate,...
Norchi Aqua Ltda.
Phone:+56 65 2576401
Fax:+56 65 2576403
Loteo El Alba Golf Park Parcela N°13 Ruta V-50 - Puerto Varas - Chile
Aqua Norchi Limited is a company formed by professionals of the Acuiculture, Fisheries and Engineering area. With solid and extensive knowledge in the area of production and aquaculture and fisheries ...
Norcod AS
Thomas Angells gate 22 - Trondheim - Norway
Norcod is the result of a comprehensive evaluation project over the past few years where we have looked at the possibilities of making an industrial venture on cod again. The conclusion of the project...
Norconserv Foundation - Nofima Norconserv AS
Phone:+47 51 84 46 00
Fax:+47 51 84 46 51
Måltidets House - Richard Johnsen gate 4 - Postb. 327 - Stavanger - Norway
Nofima Norconserv is the center of gastronomy and industrial processing, and is an institute for applied research in the processing of marine raw materials and other foodstuffs.  Nofima Norconse...
Norcop AS
Phone:+47 71 57 33 30
Kongens plass 5 - Kristiansund - Norway
Financial analysis and consultation Norcorp assists businesses and owners with financial analysis and advice based on expertise that combines economics, finance and law. Moreover driver Norc...
Nord Capital Sp. z.o.o.
Phone:+48 58 625 75 00
Polchowo, 4 Pucka Str. - Rekowo Górne - Poland
FAMILY FISH is a brand owned by NORD CAPITAL company, which is one of the leading fish processing industries in Poland. NORD CAPITAL company was founded in 1996. In it’s primary activity our co...
Nord Eco ltd
Phone:+972 054-299-87-22
Nord Eco is a unique Israeli freshwater crayfish eco-farm.  It is the only crayfish hatchery in the Middle East region.        At Nord Eco, we produce and supply live crayf...
Nordanfiskur hf.
Phone:+354 430-1700
Fax:+354 430-1705
Vesturgata 5, - Akranes - Iceland
Norðanfiskur ehf. processes and offers seafood. The company was founded in 2001 and is based in Akranes, Iceland.  In 2014 Nordanfiskur hf. was aquired by HB Grandi and is now operated a...
Nordhavn West Marine & Offshore A/S
Phone:+45 70 21 34 00
Fax:+45 70 21 34 11
Nikkelvej 17 - Randers SV - Denmark
Nordhavn is a specialised supplier of products, concepts and services for practically any diesel engine installation. Whether you need a large, complex total solution or quick delivery of spare parts,...
Nordic Aqua Partners AS
C. J. Hambros plass 2c, - Oslo - Norway
Nordic Aqua Partners will provide the Chinese market with live, high-quality Atlantic salmon farmed in a sustainable and state-of-the-art Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) facility located in Xia...
Nordic Aquafarms AS
Hydrogenfabrikken Øraveien 2, 1630 Gamle Fredrikstad - Gamle Fredrikstad - Norway
Nordic Aquafarms is a progressive producer in land-based with production in Norway and Denmark. Established in 2014 in Fredrikstad, Norway, the company has rapidly developed into a considerable busine...
Nordic Aquafarms Inc.
Nordic Aquafarms INC was incorporated in Delaware in 2017 as the legal entity for our US business operations. Nordic Aquafarms has announced a large salmon farm in Belfast, Maine that will be under de...
Nordic Choice Hotel Group
Phone:+47 22 33 42 00
Frederik Stangs gate 22-24, - Oslo - Norway
Nordic Choice Hotels (until December 31, 2010 known as Choice Hotels Scandinavia) is one of the largest hotel chains in Scandinavia with approximately 170 hotels in Scandinavia and the Baltic and over...
Nordic Innovation
Phone:+47 47 61 44 00
Fax:+47 22 56 55 65
Stensberggt. 25 | NO-0170 Oslo | Norway | Phone +47 - 47 61 44 00 - Oslo - Norway
Working under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordic Innovation is a key player in implementing the Nordic trade, industry and innovation partnership programme.   Vision: The N...
Nordic Marine AS
Nordic Marine AS was established in 1996 with the various shipping companies in Mestervik - group as shareholders . The company is owned 100 % by Mestervik Havfiske and serves as the group 's company ...
Nordic Naturals, Inc.
Phone:+1 800 662 2544
Fax:+1 831 724 6600
111 Jennings Drive - Watsonville - United States
Based in Watsonville, CA, Nordic Naturals is committed to delivering the world’s safest, most effective omega oils to help further its mission of correcting the global omega-3 deficiency. D...
Nordic Network on Recirculating Aquaculture Systems
Phone:+45 35 88 32 16
Technical University of Denmark National Institute of Aquatic Resources (DTU Aqua) Section for Aquaculture Nordsøen - Hirtshals - Denmark
The Nordic Network on Recirculating Aquaculture Systems was formally founded at a steering committee meeting in April 2011 at DTU Aqua, Hirtshals, Denmark, with country representatives from Denmark, N...
Nordic Seafood A/S - Headquarters
Phone:+45 9894 1533
Fax:+45 9894 5233
Soeren Nordbysvej 15 - Hirtshals - Denmark
Nordic Seafood was founded in 1988 in the Danish fishing port of Hirtshals. Nordic Seafood’s chief shareholers are two of the world’s leaders in fishing and fish processing: Nippon Suisan ...
Nordic Seaweed - TANG - Havets Spisekammer A/S
Phone:+45 98 48 00 02
Havnevej 11 - Strandby - Denmark
Nordic Seaweed and its founders, Jesper Pedersen & the chef Tonny Kristensen, have through a period developed a line-up of new products with seaweed.  The products are adapted for the europe...
Nordic Supply System AS
Phone:+47 70 24 45 00
Fax:+47 70 24 45 19
Skodje - Aalesund - Norway
Nordic Supply AS was founded in 1969. With nearly 40 years of experience, our company offers optimal equipment and professional services. We offer a huge range of equipment for their production. We ha...
Nordic Trout - Nordic Fish Oy
Phone:+358 18 503 00
Fax:+358 18 503 45
Fiskhamnsvägen 10 - Föglö - Finland
Nordic Trout was previously known as Ålands Fiskförädling (ÅFF). The company’s operations began at the end of the 1970s in the small island municipality of Föglö,...
Nordlaks Produkter AS - IceBerg
Phone:+47 76 11 81 00
Fax:+47 76 11 81 01
Industriveien 14 - Boks 224 - Stokmarknes - Norway
Nordlaks was founded in 1989, and is today a fully integrated company producing, processing and selling high quality Atlantic salmon and Rainbow trout world-wide. The headquarters is situated in Stokm...
Nordland Sett Vaks AS
Phone:+47 95 76 41 85
Havneveien 6 - Nesna - Norway
Nordland Sett Vaks was established in 1995 and has become a leading player in the Norwegian market on vaccinating fingerlings. When we started up we used a TrioVing vaccination machine, it soon bec...
Nordly Holding AS -Headquarter-
Phone:+47 76 06 09 30
Fax:+47 76 06 09 40
Lufthavnveien 3 - Leknes - Norway
Nordly Group employs 110 people in 11subsidiary companies in Norway and abroad. The Group’s subsidiaries are mainly active in different areas related to the aquaculture business, but are also in...
Nordnes as
Phone:+47 70 18 63 30
Fax:+47 70 18 63 31
Postboks 79 - Valderøya - Norway
Nordsee Comercial Importadora E Exportadora Ltda.
Phone:+55 (11) 3742-1903
Av. Dr Guilherme Dumont Villares - Morumbi - Brazil
Marine products purchasing, sales, and imports since 1994 In 2007 Nordsee become part of Nissui Group...
NORDSEE Fischspezialitäten GmbH (Headquarters)
Phone:+49 471 13 02
Fax:+49 471 13 1700
Klussmannstrasse 3 - Bremerhaven - Germany
In the Nordsee 100 anniversary (year 1996)  Frozen Fish International become independent company under the Unilever umbrella its top position. 1.1000 employees produce around 75,000 tonnes of fro...
NOREBO Group (former Ocean Trawlers Group)
Phone:+7 (8152) 637637
Fax:+7 (8152) 264909
49/1 Starostina Street, - Murmansk - Russian Federation
Norebo, as a vertically integrated group of companies, consists of large fishing enterprises based in the North-West and Far East of Russia, trading companies engaged in sales of fish and fishery...
Norfo A/S (now part of Marel Group)
Phone:+45 5695 7272
Fax:+45 5695 7799
Sandemandsvej 12 - - Roenne -Rønne - Denmark
Marel has reached an agreement on the sale of its Scanvaegt Norfo sawing system division in Bornholm Denmark to Nienstedt G.m.b.H. The transaction price is at the request of Nienstedt G.m.b.H. kept ...
Fridtjof Nansens plass 4 - Oslo - Norway
Norfund is the Norwegian Investment Fund for developing countries. Our mission is to create jobs and to improve lives by investing in businesses that drive sustainable development. Norfund is owned...
Norges Fiskarlag - Norwegian Fishermen's Association
Phone:+47 73 54 58 50
Fax:+47 73 54 58 90
Havnegt 9, oppgang C, 5.etg i Pirsenteret - Trondheim - Norway
Norwegian Fishermen's Association was founded in 1926, and aims to protect the fishermen's collective interests. Norwegian Fishermen's Association is a political independent, professional national o...
Norges forskningsråd - Research Council of Norway (RCN)
Phone:+47 22 03 70 00
Fax:+47 22 03 70 01
Drammensveien 288 (visiting address) - Oslo - Norway
The Research Council of Norway serves as the chief advisory body for the government authorities on research policy issues, and distributes roughly NOK nine billion to research and innovation activitie...
Norges Kystfiskarlag - Norwegian Coastal Fishermen's Association
Phone:+47 76 05 21 00
Pier - Ramberg - Norway
The organization offers membership for crew and vessel owners in the coastal fleet. Norway's Coastal Fishermen's Association is open for support membership. Norway's Coastal Fishermen's Association or...
Norges Råfisklag - Norwegian Fishermen's Sales Organisation
Phone:+47 77 66 01 00
Fax:+47 77 68 69 89
Stortorget 2 - Tromsø - Norway
Through our services, Norges Råfisklag shall safeguard fishermen's incomes and contribute to a sustainable and profitable growth in the Norwegian fishing industry Norges Råfisklag, know...
Norges Varemesse (Norway Trade Fairs)
Phone:+47 472 81 098
Messeveien 8 - Lillestrøm - Norway
Norway’s most important meeting place We stage everything from major exhibitions, which attract more than 70 000 visitors, to small trade-only fairs with a few hundred participants. Find...
NorgesGruppen ASA
Phone:+47 24 11 31 00
Fax:+47 24 11 31 01
Karenslyst allé 12-14 - Oslo - Norway
NorgesGruppen is Norway’s largest retailer. Our core business is our retail and wholesale operations for consumer products. Our retail chains represent 37,4% of the Norwegian retail sector. Our...

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USDA Purchases Wild Alaska Salmon and Pollock
United States USDA Releases Bids to Purchase Over 1.7 Million Cases of Canned Wild Alaska Salmon and 15 Million Pounds of Wild Alaska Pollock         Ver esta publicaci...
Indian Ocean squid price index: Flying squid (Ommastrephes bartramii)
China In order to continuously enhance the ability to control squid resources and price influence, and conduct more accurate resource assessment and forecasting, the China Ocean Fisheries Association&n...
China imported 262 thousand tons of fishmeal from Vietnam
Viet Nam In 2023, China imported 1.65 million tons of fishmeal from countries around the world, down 9% compared to 2022. Of which, China imported nearly 262 thousand tons of fishmeal from Vietnam with a value...
Thai Union Q4 sales rose 4.8% quarter-on-quarter to USD 987.96 M, from strong frozen and petcare rebound
Thailand Thai Union Group PCL reported its highest sales for 2023 in the fourth quarter, with a 4.8 percent quarter-on-quarter increase to THB 35.5 billion (USD 987.96 M), driven by a strong rebound in the Fro...

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Hamburg Süd Group - (Headquearters)
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NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Headquarters)
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