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IN BRIEF - Thanks to labeling, 26 new caviar producers have appeared in Russia

Thursday, June 20, 2024

During the 1.5 months of mandatory labeling of red and black caviar, the “Honest Sign” system brought 26 producers out of the shadows, about whom the state was previously unaware. These companies did not reflect their activities in other state systems, reports the press service of the Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies (CRPT - labeling operator).

In total, the labeling system now includes 22.3 thousand market participants, of which 737 companies are manufacturers and importers. “Now we can estimate both the real number of participants in the turnover, as well as the actual volumes of production and imports, and in the near future, the volumes of caviar consumption in Russia,” commented Yulia Kuzmina, head of the department of excise-free food products at the CRPT.

Let us remind you that the labeling of red and black caviar in Russia began on May 1, 2024. Now all manufacturers and importers are required to apply labeling codes to each jar of caviar and provide information about the introduction of products into circulation to Chestny Znak. From April 1 next year, it will become mandatory to transmit information about the sale of these products at retail.

IN BRIEF - Espromer continues to set sail for the sea

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

What could be more logical than moving towards seafood products for a company located in Trouville-sur-Mer?

This is the direction taken by Espromer since 2017, which previously limited itself to 100% frozen snails. " It was logical to work with stuffed shellfish because it is a know-how of the town ," explains Antoine Mangeot, the company's director, by telephone.

As a reminder, snails are considered a seafood product by government services and their buttering is identical to that of shellfish. In addition, this technique cannot be automated and therefore requires manual work. " In 2015, there were seven employees for an annual turnover of 475,000 euros and today, Espromer has ten employees for a turnover of one million euros.

Proof, if any were needed, of the direction taken by the company in recent years, clams, almonds, stuffed scallops and other rope mussels now represent half of the activity. " Our shellfish are exclusively caught on the Normandy coast and all the ingredients are French. Everything is without coloring or preservatives, " specifies the manager. Among the recipes that stand out, the stuffed scallops were launched in 2020 at Grand Frais and are "Saveurs de Normandie".[....]

Author/Source: Guy PICHARD/Produit de la Mer (translated from original in French) 

IN BRIEF - Frozen Cod Imports Down 64% by June 2024

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

In June 2024, the import volume of frozen cod to South Korea was 667 tons, a 61% decrease compared to 1,722 tons in the same period last year. The cumulative import volume for this year reached 2,731 tons, a 64% drop from the 7,549 tons recorded in the same period last year. 

This represents 0.61% of the total seafood import volume of 445,418 tons.

Looking at the import sources, 94% of the frozen cod imported by June came from Russia, totaling 2,576 tons. The United States supplied 122 tons, China 20 tons, and Canada 13 tons. 

The import prices by country were USD 3.33/kg from Russia, USD 2.76/kg from the United States, and USD 2.60/kg from China, with China offering the lowest price.

In June, the import value of frozen cod was USD 2.45 million, a 54% decrease from USD 5.29 million in the same period last year. The cumulative import value was USD 8.96 million, a 71% drop from USD 30.53 million recorded in the same period last year. The average import price was USD 3.28/kg, a 19% decrease from USD 4.04/kg in the same period last year. This reflects the overall decline in import volume and the downward trend in prices.

Source: Union Forsea Corp

IN BRIEF - Cumulative Imports of Frozen Squid Tube Decrease by 61% in June

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

In June 2024, the volume of frozen squid tube imported into South Korea totaled 1,832 tons, marking a 60% decrease compared to 4,557 tons imported during the same period in 2023. The cumulative import volume stands at 7,177 tons, down 61% from 18,534 tons in the previous year, accounting for 2% of the total import volume of 445,418 tons.

The breakdown of frozen squid body imports by country is as follows

  • China : 4,012 tons (56% of total)
  • Chile : 2,280 tons (32% of total)
  • Peru : 527 tons
  • Argentina : 167 tons
  • Indonesia : 118 tons

The import prices by country are

  • Argentina : USD 5.58/kg
  • China : USD 2.31/kg
  • Chile : USD 1.66/kg

In n June 2024, the import value of frozen squid tube amounted to USD 3.66 million, a 56% decrease from USD 8.39 million in the same period of 2023. 

The cumulative import value stands at USD 15.33 million, down 57% from USD 35.52 million in the previous year.

By reference The domestic wholesale distribution price for frozen squid tube is set at 68,000 KRW for a 4kg bundle of Vietnamese.

Source: Union Forsea Corp 

IN BRIEF - Nodosa advances in the construction of very technically advanced ships

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

The naval sector has witnessed important advances with the recent launching of several vessels at Nodosa Shipyard. Among them, the 'Argos Berbés' freezer trawler stands out, built for Orion Fishing Company in collaboration with Armadora Pereira. This milestone represents not only a technical achievement, but also a significant step towards the modernization and renewal of the fishing fleet, with a focus on efficiency, safety and environmental sustainability.

‘Argos Berbés’  y ‘Prion’.

Recently, Nodosa Shipyard has launched the freezer trawler 'Argos Berbés', which the shipyard is building for Orion Fishing Company, a joint venture owned by Vigo-based Armadora Pereira. Complying with what is established in the production calendar, the ship will remain at the Nodosa dock to proceed with its armament and commissioning, until its delivery at the end of the year.

The projection and design of this new unit, which is construction number 306 of the shipyard, have been carried out entirely by the Nodosa technical office, in direct collaboration with the team of the Vigo shipowner.

Thus, Orion Fishing Company continues the process of renewal and modernization of its fishing fleet, which began a few years ago with the construction of the ship 'Argos Cíes' by this shipyard.

Being the largest unit ordered by this shipowner, the 'Argos Berbés' will be used mainly for fishing and processing Patagonian squid in the Malvinas Islands fishing grounds.

IN BRIEF - Japan gets set to reel in tons of tuna

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

An international conference to discuss the management of bluefin tuna stocks in the Pacific Ocean came to a close on Tuesday. The participants agreed to a 50-percent increase in the catch quota for large bluefin tuna and a 10-percent increase in the quota for smaller ones in the western and central Pacific.

The international conference opened in Kushiro City in Hokkaido Prefecture on July 10, with delegates from 13 countries and regions, including Japan, the US, South Korea and Taiwan taking part.

Japan had proposed an expansion of the catch quota, but there was a gap in opinion among the participating countries and regions, and the focus was on whether they could agree.

As a result of the agreement, Japan's catch quota will increase by more than 2,800 tons for large tuna and 400 tons for small ones.

It's the first time for the small bluefin tuna quota to be raised since 2015 — when the current catch restrictions began.

The agreement is expected to be formalized later in the year.

Japan's Fisheries Agency has stated that it will continue to proceed with negotiations so that the agreed proposal will be formally adopted.

Source: nhkworld

OTHER MEDIA | SeafoodSource: Thai Union claims Red Lobster owes it nearly USD 4 million due to demand forecast discrepancies

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Thai Union has claimed in a court filing that restaurant chain Red Lobster owes it, along with its subsidiary Tri-Union Frozen Products, which conducts business as Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods, nearly USD 3.7 million (EUR 3.4 million).

Thai Union, a longtime seafood supplier and former part-owner of Red Lobster, said in a filing to U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Orlando, Florida, that Red Lobster’s financial distress and “abrupt reductions of purchasing volumes caused Thai Union to accumulate a “high level” of excess inventory – valued at around USD 22.9 million (EUR 21 million).

Author: Christine Blank / SeafoodSource | Read the full article here

OTHER MEDIA | FishFocus: BlueInvest Africa showcases the potential of the blue economy

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

BlueInvest Africa showcases the potential of the blue economy. Earlier this month, BlueInvest Africa returned for its second edition in Kenya. For two days, the little coastal city of Diani became home to Africa’s vibrant blue economy community. Organised by the European Union in collaboration with the Government of the Republic of Kenya, the two days were full of inspiring stories, networking opportunities, and invigorating panel discussions.

Source: FishFocus | Read the full article here

OTHER MEDIA | FishFarmingExpert: Scottish yard wins multi-million-pound order from Inverlussa

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

A leading Scottish aquaculture support company has awarded a multi-million-pound contract for a new hybrid workboat to support the Scottish salmon sector.

Mull-based Inverlussa Marine Services has appointed Macduff Shipyards to design and build the 25-metre vessel, which will be equipped with the latest technology.

Deputy First Minister Kate Forbes welcomed the announcement as she witnessed the contract signing at Macduff Harbour today.

Source: Fishfarmingexpert | Read the full article here

OTHER MEDIA | EuropaAzul: The Supreme Court rejects the fishing fleet's appeal against the Government's offshore wind plan

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

The Supreme Court (TS) has rejected the appeal presented by the Platform in Defense of Fishing - promoted by brotherhoods and other organizations in the sector - against the Government's maritime space planning plans (POEM) for promoting the installation of windmills . The Platform in Defense of Fisheries and Marine Ecosystems considers that the regulation "violates the economic principles of the Constitution" by prioritizing the implementation of offshore wind energy.

The Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Court has rejected, in a ruling released this Tuesday

Source: EuropaAzul | Read the full article here

OTHER MEDIA | Industrias Pesqueras: The meat processing plants closed 2023 with increases in turnover and employment and stability in their employment

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

The Spanish industrial refrigeration sector is experiencing a moment of “robust growth” that demonstrates its capacity for “expansion and strengthening,” said Aldefe, the Association of Refrigeration, Logistics and Distribution Operations of Spain (Aldefe). The employers' association has positively assessed the results of the sector at the end of 2023, comparing it with the figures for the first quarter of 2022. In this interval, and comparatively, the sector's turnover grew by 58.6%, reaching 112.9 million euros . Aldefe highlights that billing per cubic meter showed constant growth throughout the quarters analyzed.

Source: IndustriasPesqueras | Read the full article here

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