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Other Media | FishFarmer: Salmon Evolution breaks even in Norway, faces cost problems in Korea

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Norwegian land-based fish farmer Salmon Evolution has reported that its farming operations broke even for the first time, during the final quarter of last year.

Q3 earnings before interest and tax (EBITDA) for Farming Norway were recorded as NOK 43,000 (just over £3,000) compared with a loss of NOK 9.4m (£706,800) in the same period in 2022. Taking a fair value adjustment into account, however, Farming Norway recorded a loss of NOK 16.7m (£1.25m). 

The company recorded a harvest volume of 1,104 tonnes with an average weight of 3.5 kg and a superior share of 90% at its hybrid flow-through site at Indre Harøy, north of Bergen.

Author: Vince McDonagh / FishFarmer | read the full article here

Other Media | FishFocus: fish international 2024 gets ready

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Every two years, Germany’s only fish fair showcases what’s moving the industry at home and abroad.

From Sunday to Tuesday, 25 to 27 February 2024, international experts from the seafood industry will come together in Hall 5 at MESSE BREMEN. Project manager of fish international Sabine Wedell and her team will once again provide participants from industry, trade and catering with plenty of inspiration and ideas for exchanging knowledge and shaping the future of the seafood industry.

Source: FishFocus | read the full article here

IN BRIEF - 22.5% of European commercial fishing vessels accused of using forced labor

Monday, February 12, 2024

Europe is second only to Asia, whose companies, especially those from China, own nearly two-thirds of the ships involved in forced labor. An estimated 128,000 fishermen suffer horrific abuses as a result of forced labor on board fishing vessels every year, a figure that likely significantly underestimates the full scale of this crisis.

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), abuses include physical violence, non-payment of wages and being required to spend more time in the workplace than allowed.

According to a recent report, 22.5% of commercial fishing vessels accused of forced labor are owned by European companies, led by Spain and the UK.

Most European countries - along with other fishing superpowers such as China, Indonesia and the US - have yet to ratify key treaties prohibiting forced labor on fishing vessels, such as ILO Labor Convention 188, while the relevant EU directive applies only to EU-flagged vessels or vessels operating in EU waters.

Even if countries comply with the ILO Convention and other key agreements, financial secrecy means that the ultimate owners of accused ships can continue to evade justice.

Crucially, ratification of these agreements will result in the proceeds of forced labor courts being consistent with the proceeds of crime under money laundering laws, making prosecution easier.

Source: Fishretail.ru

IN BRIEF - The KB Group becomes part of the Smir Group

Monday, February 12, 2024

The Smir group strengthens its service delivery by acquiring a company within service and diving expertise.

The aquaculture technology and service provider Smir-gruppen buys the service and diving company KB-Gruppen in Rørvik. The Smir group is known for its technologies within de-lice removal, feeding systems and cage solutions, in addition to operational operating services, service and vessel services for the aquaculture industry.

The acquisition of the KB Group strengthens and expands the Smir Group's expertise and service portfolio.

Through the acquisition, the 24-metre service vessel KB Rokk and the fast-moving diving boat KB Storm become part of the Smir group. So does the highly competent crew and management in KB-Gruppen, including founder and general manager Ola Krystad. Until the agreement with Smir, he was also the owner of the company.

In December, a letter of intent regarding the sale of KB-Gruppen to Nærøysund Aquaservice was terminated.

Are Brekk sees significant potential for further developing and creating new, high-quality maritime services aimed at the aquaculture industry.

The Smir group is headquartered in Langevåg by Ålesund, and has branches in Bjugn, Trondheim and Rørvik. The group is owned by Odd-Einar Grøntvedt and Frank Øren, who have collaborated with a local bank on the financing of the acquisition.

Source:  Smir group / Kyst.no

IN BRIEF - Fishing vessel rescued after running aground near Makuluva Island

Monday, February 12, 2024

The Taiwanese fishing vessel, FV Huang De (YJWS3), sailing under the Vanuatu flag, which ran aground close to Makuluva Island, has been pulled out of the reef.

This has been confirmed by the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji CEO, Joeli Cawaki, who says the vessel is now being towed to Suva.

He says the 28 people on board are safe.

Cawaki has also confirmed to fijivillage News that an investigation will be done to determine how the vessel ran aground.

He says they will also be checking for environmental damage.

Source: Rashika Kumar/fijivillage


IN BRIEF - Near 90% will 'increase' frozen sales

Monday, February 12, 2024

  • National supermarket/co-op main paper questionnaire
  • Frozen sales of processed seafood products are expanding. 

According to a survey conducted by the Minato Shimbun at the beginning of the year to a total of 27 leading supermarkets and consumer cooperatives nationwide (Life Corporation is only in the Tokyo metropolitan area), when asked about their intentions to handle frozen processed seafood products this year, all 27 responded.

Of the total, 23 companies, or 85%, responded that they would "increase." This was 7 points higher than the same survey from the previous year. Processed seafood products are generally sold chilled. In the future, there will be an increase in frozen sales that do not require thawing of products.[...]

Source: Minato Yamaguchi (translated from original in japanese)

IN BRIEF - Processed seafood manufacturer Ocean Bussan suspends business, prepares to file for bankruptcy

Monday, February 12, 2024

According to the credit research company Tokyo Shoko Research and the Teikoku Databank Iwaki Branch, Ocean Bussan (Iwaki City), a processed seafood product manufacturer, ceased operations and went bankrupt by the 1st. I am preparing to apply. Total debt is approximately 299 million yen.

The company was established in Kochi Prefecture in 1991, and moved to Iwaki City in 1996 in search of high-quality bonito. The company handles many processed seafood products, mainly bonito tataki made using straw-grilled methods, as well as yellowtail daikon radish and ginger simmered saury, and the number of sales at major supermarkets, fisheries producers, and online shops is increasing. Sales for the fiscal year ending August 2022 were approximately 440 million yen (U$D 2,946,987.-).

However, in addition to operating during the coronavirus pandemic, soaring prices are putting pressure on profits. Furthermore, due to poor catches of skipjack tuna nationwide, sales in the August 2021 period were limited to approximately 290 million yen (U$D 1,942,332.-).

Afterwards, although they tried to rebuild their business, they gave up on continuing the business as their cash flow reached their limit.

Other Media | aqua.cl: Punta Arenas: Violent fire affected salmon processing plant

Monday, February 12, 2024

Five fire companies would have attended the scene to control the flames, which would have consumed part of the facilities.

Last Sunday, at around 10:50 am, the alarm was activated at the Entrevientos process plant, located in the city of Punta Arenas, and which is owned by the companies Blumar and Multi X; Five fire companies arrived at the scene, totaling around 95% of the city's volunteers to control the fire, according to information collected by various media in the region.

From the Entrevientos plant they issued a statement stating that the causes of the incident are still under investigation, but that it was controlled around 2 p.m. thanks to the work of the Fire Department and the plant's specialized personnel.

Source: aqua.cl l Read the full article here

Other Media | The Fish Site: The startup that plans to reduce antibiotic use in aquaculture

Monday, February 12, 2024

Chilean biotech startup Aquit is developing a preventative treatment against infections in fish that boosts natural immunity, improves survival rates and replaces the need for antibiotics, according to CEO Daniela Allerbon

Prior to Allerbon joining Aquit, biotechnologists Jörn Bethke and Cristián Valenzuela had spent 15 years working together in the lab, culminating in the duo focusing on developing a sustainable alternative to antibiotic use in the aquaculture industry.

In 2017, the duo were awarded a grant from Microsoft Imagine Labs that allowed them to undertake their first trials. 

Author: Tor McIntosh / The Fish Site l Read the full article here

Other Media | Fish Focus: Trace Register & Wholechain first seafood traceability providers to achieve interoperability at scale.

Monday, February 12, 2024

GDST standards enable seafood traceability software competitors to collaborate and revolutionise data-sharing capabilities.

Leading seafood traceability solutions providers Trace Register and Wholechain announce a ground-breaking development for the seafood industry: interoperability between two different traceability systems based on Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST) compatibility standards.

Source: FishFocus l Read the full article here

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